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Hillcrest Capital Management Limited is a company licensed by SEC to carry out asset management functions. Hillcrest Capital Management Limited was incorporated in 2018 to offer bespoke asset management and advisory services to a selected group of target clientele.

As an Asset Management firm, Hillcrest will seek to offer a broad range of investment and wealth management solutions to its target clientele. In this regard, the company will actively seek out high value investment opportunities and will pool funds together to take advantage of same.

The Company is poised to overcome the inherent threat in the industry by embarking on client specific strategies driven by technology and aggressive market penetration and distribution techniques.

Hillcrest’s unique selling proposition will be its ability to leverage technology to drive funds mobilization. In this regard, the company will adopt measures based on the behavioral patterns of its target clientele.

Hence, Hillcrest will seek to influence client acquisition, retention and growth through effective relationship management to be facilitated by positive customer experience.
At the heart of Hillcrest’s marketing strategy will be a simple principle: satisfied customers are the best marketing tool.

Asset Management

Leaders at Hillcrest Capital Management are professionals in the diverse field of financial management with combined experience well over five decades. They are experienced in financial intermediation (e.g. Banking, investment banking, capital raising, credit and marketing) have skills in structuring and marketing financial products. They have built strong relationships with HNIs, business owners, providers of capital, etc.