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Asset Management

Portfolio Management could either be discretionary or non- discretionary.

Discretionary portfolio management: We exercise the option to actively manage your portfolio by executing investment decisions based on criteria from profiling your risk appetite. With an earlier set objective in mind, the option gives us the elasticity of prompt decision making in responding to opportunities in the market for your benefit.

Non discretionary Portfolio Management: This option is available to savvy clients who wish to retain control over their investment’s decisions. We however provide needed assistance through timely financial advisory services and well-researched market periodicals to guide their decisions to achieve their financial goals with peace of mind.

security trading

Our security trading is stratified into;

Equity Trading:We have capabilities though partner firms to execute trades on the NSE (Nigerian Stock Exchange), NASD, Unlisted securities and FMDQ Exchange, all these are done as best execution either as part of portfolio or standalone.

Fixed Income& Money Market: Investing & trading in bonds, treasury bills and other fixed-income securities and money market instruments for regular income, liquidity and predictable returns. We also trade Commercial Papers and other Over-the-Counter (OTC) instruments.

Foreign Transactions: We facilitate cross-border transactions either in currencies or stocks for our clients both as a means of portfolio diversification and as Hedge instrument.

Funds management

Mutual fund is a collective investment scheme that allows individuals to pool resources together and invest under the professional management of a fund manager. Risks and returns are spread according to an individual’s contribution to the pool. It grants access to small “uninitiated or non-savvy” savers to invest in the capital market.

Hillcrest has money market fund, balanced funds, and real estate funds


As the name presages, the product is tailor -made, customized to suit the needs of the investor. It is mainly for ultra-high net worth clients who have a wide array of financial goals. They leverage on our expertise, robust research of the market and niche to create a bespoke portfolio crafted only to suit their financial goals.

financial planning-r

The whole gamut of comprehensively aligning strategy with the ultimate financial goals of our client. We craft a detailed plan for our clients encompassing our blend of expertise and products to achieve a successful financial mission for them.


We provide financial guidance to you based on your needs and goals by creating strategies for eliminating financial risk and building wealth over the long term through the provision of a game plan that puts you on track to achieve your financial goals. Be it -Debt Management, Financial growth targets, Health and Long-Term Care Planning, Estate Planning, Retirement, Inheritance, Tax Planning, and other Investment portfolios.


Hillcrest capital management boast of a wide array of financial experts with diverse experience in investment banking and capital market, corporate and individual clients are availed this services to give them the unfair advantage in the market place.


We help you make decisions by fund to allocate into an asset without using a third party, an example is buying a building or stocks directly held as assets.


At Hillcrest Capital We seek maximum yield for every investment of our clients. We assist our clients as a means of diversifying the portfolio and as a stand -alone investment vehicle to attain to get maximum return for them.

Leaders at Hillcrest Capital Management are professionals in the diverse field of financial management with combined experience well over five decades. They are experienced in financial intermediation (e.g. Banking, investment banking, capital raising, credit and marketing) have skills in structuring and marketing financial products. They have built strong relationships with HNIs, business owners, providers of capital, etc.