Why choose us?

Hillcrest Capital Management is a client -centric financial planning and investment management firm. The company provides services to individuals, trusts , pension and qualified retirement plans. Our objective is to assist our clients in reaching their long-term financial goals.

When you hire Hillcrest Capital Management, you hire a group of individuals with broad credentials and market experience who believe in a long-term disciplined investment approach. We help you develop a plan. We instill a discipline to your investing. We help you reach your long-term financial goals.

Why we are different

What separates Hillcrest Capital from the competition ?

  • We are NIMBLE.
  • We craft our strategy to suit our clients needs.
  • We bend backward to the small investor and stick shoulder high with the savvy investors with the overall objective of assisting our client’s meet their financial goal.

Our Mission

As your investment professional, we are committed to delivering performance in a manner that is consistent with your needs and goals.

Our Vision

At Hillcrest Capital Management, we believe that, investment should be bespoke and well-tailored to our client’s needs and risk tolerances.

Our Goal

At Hillcrest Capital Management, our goal is to ensure that our clients do not lose their sleep over their investments.

Our Focus

The primary focus of Hillcrest is to build wealth for its clients and partners through focused investing across asset classes. This shall be done primarily as a SEC licensed asset management service provider. In this regard, Hillcrest aims to be a niche provider of investment services to its target clientele, utilizing cut edge technology and Fintech platforms to facilitate customer engagement and distribution of its investment products.

Our Core Value

At the core of our business is our corporate values as represented by the acronym “FAIR” which stands for: