Hillcrest Capital General Enquiries

What is Hillcrest Capital?

Hillcrest Capital Management Ltd is a Company licensed and regulated by the Nigerian Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) to carry out asset management functions in Nigeria for individual and institutional investors. It was incorporated in 2018 to carry on business as fund/portfolio managers & investment advisory and offers bespoke asset management & advisory services to a select group of target clientele, providing excellent equities brokerage services to domestic and international investors in the Nigerian Capital market and beyond. The ownership and structure of the company are private-held.

What exactly does Hillcrest mean?

The name ‘Hillcrest’ is an acknowledgment of the combined 70-year-old pioneering spirit of our founder and Board which drives us, and a symbol of the journey of discovery we embark upon with clients to find new solutions in innovative ways. Hillcrest is committed to constantly searching for what comes next, to inspire our clients to look beyond today, into tomorrow. From securing wealth to financing business opportunities we live at the edge of tomorrow, constantly searching for what comes next so we can take our clients there first.

The launch of the Hillcrest brand will enable us to offer our clients a broader range of services via one clear and efficient platform.

What stands Hillcrest Capital out?

  • We are client-centric
    This means we recognize the investing public’s pain-point which is – Peace of Mind. To this end, we have re-engineered investments to be bespoke and well-tailored to our client’s needs and risk tolerances. Our specialist portfolio and fund management services cover managing investment accounts of high-net-worth-individuals and institutional clients; including insurance companies, pension funds, public and private mutual funds, endowment and charity funds, as well as segregated and special accounts, and we have developed financial strategies crafted to suit their short, mid & long-term financial goals, using diversified platforms to meet their financial needs.
  • We are NIMBLE
    This means we craft our strategy to suit our clients’ needs. While we bend backward to the small investor need and match risk-appetite of the savvy investors with the overall aim to meet their financial goal, we remain a trusted and inspirational partner founded on innovation, a strong heritage and a pioneering spirit that drives us to help our clients look beyond today, and redefine tomorrow.
  • We are FAIR
    To guide our clients through Africa’s dynamic markets, and identify the best opportunities that shape their portfolios and investment goals, we have maintained our corporate business integrity to remain in your trust. At the core of our business integrity is our corporate values as represented by the acronym ʺFAIR” which stands for:
  • Flexible
  • Ambitious
  • Integrity
  • Responsive

What is Hillcrest Capital's primary focus?

The primary focus of Hillcrest Capital is to build wealth for its shareholders, clients, and partners through focused investing across asset classes. To understand the various channels we have unlocked to help our clients achieve this, kindly see the investment products menu below.

How does Hillcrest Capital build wealth?

Hillcrest Capital is a niche provider of a range of investment products and services utilizing cutting-edge technology and Fintech platforms to facilitate customer engagement and distribution of its investment products. We offer a broad range of investment and wealth management solutions to our target clientele, by actively seeking high-value investment opportunities and pool funds together to take advantage of same with strategies spanning various asset classes and sectors. This we do by helping you develop a bespoke plan, instill financial discipline to your investing, and in no time, you have begun your short, mid or long-term financial goals’ journey.

What is Hillcrest Capital investment products?

Hillcrest Capital services offerings are:

  • Portfolio Management;
  • Funds Management;
  • Private Wealth Management;
  • Securities Trading;
  • Financial Planning;
  • Financial Advisory;
  • Investment Advisory;
  • Principal Investing;
  • Real Estate investing;

Kindly visit our Investment Education page or send us a message via our website and you can call our Customer Services Expert to explain all products in detail.

Why should I trust Hillcrest Capital?

When you engage us, you have at your fingertips a team of individuals with broad credentials and money market experience who have achieved successes with long-term disciplined investment approach. Hillcrest Capital is experienced professionals in the diverse field of financial management, structuring and intermediation with well over seven decades of combined experience. Thorough client-specific financial analysis and proprietary investment research is at the core of our investment philosophy and at the core of our values is the investor education which cements our company-client communication.

Hillcrest’s unique selling proposition will be its ability to leverage technology to drive funds mobilization. In this regard, the company will adopt measures based on the behavioral patterns of its target clientele. Hence, Hillcrest will seek to influence client acquisition, retention and growth through effective relationship management to be facilitated by positive customer experience. At the heart of Hillcrest’s marketing strategy will be a simple principle: satisfied customers are the best marketing tool.