Hillcrest Capital Sustainability Statement

This policy describes Hillcrest Capital Management Limited’s commitment to conducting business in an innovative and sustainable manner, delivering value to all stakeholders. For the purposes of this policy, “Hillcrest” refers to as Hillcrest Capital Management Limited and Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability as “CR&S”.

  • We recognize that sustainability ranks high among the priorities our activities and that taking environmental and social aspects into account is part of good business and leads to sustainable development. We believe that economic growth and healthy environments go hand in hand.
  • We are committed to empowering and nurturing people through individual interventions. In allocating resources to the outlined focus areas, we are guided by the need to:
    • Focus on communities within which we operate
    • Focus/emphasize investments in disadvantaged communities
    • Support programs that engender development
  • We believe in the importance of impacting our employees, environment and society through sustainable corporate responsibility practices and activities. As a forward-thinking organization, we focus our attention on both increasing our bottom line and being a good corporate citizen. This is achieved through the shaping or reshaping our framework, business models and policies in line with global trends to deliver benefits to our stakeholders.
  • We have adopted a CR&S approach which aligns with the overall vision, goals and corporate values of our Asset Management company under our strategic framework as represented by the acronym ʺFAIR” which stands for:
  • Flexible
  • Ambitious
  • Integrity
  • Responsive

The Sustainability Framework reflects our corporate values, and is implemented in the following core areas as well as in our products and investments:

  • Corporate Governance: we have established a set of rules, policies and processes, which are laid out for directing, administering and controlling our company’s governance structure at all levels and operations.
  • Workplace: we believe that the working environment must be equitable, efficient and healthy. In line with this, we have developed several initiatives and campaigns designed to meet the requirements of organizational governance, human rights, labour practices, environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues and community involvement and development.
  • Marketplace: this focuses on partners and customers whereby awareness of CR&S is raised and involvement in key initiatives is encouraged.
  • Environment: the protection of the environment is an essential concern for all stakeholders; therefore, the focus is environmental sustainability.
  • Community: through this area value is added and contribution made to the well-being of the society.

To us, sustainability means adhering to our values and business principles, and bringing sustainable solutions to the current and future human, natural and financial needs of our stakeholders and the organization itself, that are in line with the company’s moderate risk profile.

By managing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks, mitigating their impacts and grasping the opportunities deriving from sustainable solutions, the Sustainability Policy has incorporated risk management into the company’s business objectives.

Making it count

Sustainability goes beyond philanthropy or charitable giving, and extends to our business decisions, processes and operations, our corporate governance structure, codes and practices, our employee welfare and wellbeing, and our health and safety policies and procedures.

Our activities delivered focused on:

  • Development and support of relevant initiatives at various stakeholder levels through partnerships and existing platforms within the key identified areas. These stakeholders include investors, employees, government of different tiers and regulators, strategic partners, media practitioners and owners, Board and Management and most importantly the communities in which we operate.
  • Active employee engagement in fundraising/charitable giving, as well as employee volunteering in line with business objectives
  • Leveraging activities of the company and ensuring cohesion in implementation to drive efficiencies and deliver maximum value.

Our Footprint

Investments will be made throughout Nigeria, mainly focusing on the communities within which Hillcrest operates.

Programme Focus Areas:

Five focus areas have been identified and are as follows:

  • Financial education and literacy
  • Lifestyle enhancement
  • Job Creation
  • Skills Training
  • Environment and Conservation

Criteria for Project Selection:

All organisations and projects identified for financial support from Hillcrest must:

  • Serve disadvantaged communities within Nigeria;
  • Have youth /young adults and women as their main beneficiaries;
  • Demonstrate the possibility for sustainability;
  • Allow for employee involvement;
  • Ensure that monitoring and evaluation systems are incorporated for effective impact measurement;
  • Be implemented by organisations that are registered as Non-Profit Organisations with and have tax exemption status;
  • Be implemented by organisations that have been in existence for a minimum of five (5) years.

Hillcrest Will Not Offer Financial Support To:

  • Profit-making organisations and companies;
  • Religious organisations for sectarian activities;
  • Political parties or groups with partisan political affiliations;
  • Labour unions;
  • Conferences;
  • Organisations that have been in existence for less than five (5) years;
  • Organisations that are not registered as Non-Profit Organisations;
  • Organisations that do not have tax exemption status

Employee Involvement:

At Hillcrest, we realise the value of involving our employees in our CR&S activities and as such, will endeavour to develop and implement an employee participation programme. This programme will aim to holistically address the needs of our employees, whilst achieving our objectives.

Employees will be invited to submit projects within the identified focus areas for consideration for funding. They will also have the opportunity to provide input into the final projects under consideration.

Once the final projects are selected, employees will be encouraged to get involved in these projects by volunteering their time and making additional financial contributions and donations in kind. The volunteer and other needs of projects that we support will be identified and communicated to our employees, to ensure that they are aware of the opportunities available for engagement.